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CLARA BARTON: A Great Humanitarian - VIRTUAL Library Program

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1344 East Bailey Road Naperville, IL 60565
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Joan Schaeffer
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One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is the importance of helping others in need. Towards this end, we are proud to introduce Clara Barton as our Humanitarian Role Model.

From the time she was old enough to be a nurse within her own family, Clara's life was dedicated to helping others. She accepted no pay as she taught poor children whose parents had no money to send them to school.

She raised warehouses full of food, medicine and clothing during the Civil War and then courageously went to the front to nurse the wounded and dying. Finally, she started the American Red Cross, which is her legacy today.

As children learn from Clara's example, they will challenged to think about what they can do to help others in need and make our world just a little better place.

This 45-minute, full-life, captivating portrayal is in a pre-recorded, online format (with captioning), and includes slides, sound effects, taped voiceover and costume changes to truly bring this CLARA to life. There is also a pre-recorded question and answer period with the playwright (Joan Schaeffer) immediately following the program.

Show pictures, reviews and quotes can be seen at Historical Perspectives for Children on Facebook. CLARA'S enthralling, uplifting story is perfect for Inspirational Role Models' Month (November), Women's History Month and Red Cross Month (March) and School Library Month (April).

CLARA should be scheduled for a specific date and time for your patrons, as you would with any in-house program. Patrons can then access it through a simple link and password and view the program when it is convenient for them.

We would welcome the opportunity to inspire your patrons with CLARA BARTON: A Great Humanitarian.


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