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The Dreamtree Shakers

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2031 W Summerdale Chicago , IL 60625
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Jenna Murfin
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Join The Dreamtree Shakers for a performance that will delight, engage and inspire not only the children in your audience but the adults in the room as well. Marked by carefully crafted harmonies and diverse instrumentation, the songs you’ll hear tell stories of field, farm and forest, all while providing a sound you can move to as well. The full band sound is comprised of vocal harmonies, percussion, bass, saxophone, flute, guitar and harmonica; however, the band can put on an equally engaging show with fewer members as well.

The songs, often inspired by a real-life story or event that caught the attention of bandleader/songwriter, Jeremy Babcock, often include real and accurate facts about animals, history and even silly stories from the news. Every note, movement, and image is performed so as to respect the intelligence of every audience member. The band asks the audience to join in the journey of the show in various ways, such as singing along, moving their bodies, and using their imaginations. Bandleader Jeremy has a background in theater and has taught improv in Chicago for many years. At times, a live, improvised song utilizing audience suggestions finds its’ way into the show.

Aside from their roles as performing artists, most of the band members are also longtime arts educators (in schools, libraries, and at the Old Town School of Music in the famed early childhood Wiggleworms program as well as the summer camps, piano, dance, Latin jazz and guitar programs there). They are well-versed in engaging audiences of all ages in ways that not only ask them to recall things they already know but to imagine and learn anew.

While even the original tunes are catchy enough that the crowd feels like they know them already, the occasional recognizable and fitting cover tune (a mix of folk traditional tunes and newer, well-known but quality pop or rock tunes) will also be part of the show. Truly, describing just what happens during a show is difficult since every show is a little different and every audience brings something new to the experience. Each performance is a discovery between artist, audience and environment. We always leave an event feeling refreshed and renewed and hope our audience does as well.

**Rates do vary depending on group size, booked, event location, need for PA, crowd size, etc and so, while I had to put just a number in the 'standard price' line, rates usually fall anywhere between $250-1500.**


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