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How it Works


Harvest provides a fast and easily searchable solution to finding the right fit for your library or school budget and audience. As our site grows, the review function will be a way for librarians and schools to learn about their peers’ experiences with area performers.

  • Harvest of Performers provides a fast and easily searchable way for librarians and schools to find performers that will be the best fit for their needs.
  • The Harvest website offers the variety that Harvest of Resources fans had come to appreciate but with the added functionality of being able to provide updates on performers’ newest offerings and any changes in pricing, audiences, or availability.
  • Tagging and flexible search options save time and allow  librarians and schools to customize their searches more fully so they can get tailored results.
  • Profile listings and ratings allow librarians to able to get feedback on the presenters they are most interested in so they can make more informed decisions for their library and their budgets.


A subscription to Harvest is an easy and affordable way to market yourself and your available performances and services.

  • Your profile can evolve with you. Any changes to your offerings, such as new shows, or outreach to additional age groups, can be updated quickly.
  • Tagging gives performers more options for marketing to maximize your visibility on the site.
  • As one of LACONI YSS’s signature services,  Harvest of Performers will have the benefit of promotion through LACONI’s many workshops and other sponsored events. Listed performers will have exposure to a wide range of libraries across Illinois, and be our first recourse when we are looking for programming for larger events and collaborations such as the Illinois Youth Services Insitute.
  • LACONI’s long  history as a valuable resource for librarians since 1954 is a benefit to performers who are newer to the scene or looking for more visibility.
  • Unlike cold-calling which can be inconvenient and ineffective for both performers and librarians, performers can know that librarians who contact them through Harvest of  Performers are seriously interested in what they are offering.