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Jeannie Dilger

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P.O. Box 59059 Chicago, IL 60659
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Jeannie Dilger
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As a productivity consultant and trainer, Jeannie can offer workshops for adults on such topics as calendars and time management; email and paper management; and apps for productivity.

Email and Paper Management
Can't find that important document? Overwhelmed by your inbox? In this session, we'll discuss sorting your paper, cleaning out your email inbox, and managing the influx. We'll talk about creating some working systems for moving forward, to prevent things from building up again.

Time Management and Calendars
We all struggle with time management. This session covers creating a working task list, managing multiple calendars, and utilizing individual and team apps for productivity. Come learn a few tips and tricks to reduce your stress and manage your workload.

Get Your Digital Life in Order
Keeping track of our digital lives has become more complex than tracking paper. From files to photos to passwords, it's hard to keep it all organized and secure. In this session, we'll cover how to easily organize files, how to back up photos, and how to manage passwords securely.

NEW! Let's Put the App in Happy
We spend so much time on our phones now, we ought to at least make them work for us. Come and learn about apps for productivity, readers advisory, travel, work/life balance, health and wellness, and more. We'll also look at ways to manage your time online. Share which apps make you happy!


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