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"The Real Wizard of Oz: the life and stories of L. Frank Baum, the creator of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz" written and performed by R. F. Wohl

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6157 N. Sheridan Rd. Unit #25-F Chicago, IL 60660
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Raymond Wohl
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“Full of Wonder: L. Frank Baum’s stories behind the stories of the creator of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
Solo Stories on Stage! So many stories to tell- presentation may be tailored to the presenter and the event.
Written and performed: R. F. “Ray” Wohl

"The Real Wizard of Oz--stories and the life of L. Frank Baum" is a 60-minute solo event designed for libraries, parks, schools, and community centers. The solo theater program traces the life and times of L. Frank Baum, America’s first and foremost children’s storybook writer. The play is Full of Wonder--with story, song, music, archival photos of Baum, the memorable book illustrations and so much more. The story opens as Baum arrives in Chicago, Illinois in 1891 during the planning of the Columbian Exposition. Baum lived in Chicago, IL with his family from 1891-1910 and it is here where L Frank Baum wrote and published his most famous book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" in 1900. Audiences have a front row seat to American history and discover Baum's many talents- newspaper reporter, author, children's book writer, magazine publisher, shopkeeper, traveling salesman, and actor. Baum explores his power of imagination and discovers the American can-do spirit!

L. Frank Baum lived, traveled and toured throughout the United States from 1856 to 1919. His 14 Oz Books and nearly 70 other published stories, books, poetry, plays, scores of songs, and other writings are timeless. 2019 marks the centenary of Baum's passing and celebrate over 100 years of unique American storytelling. The solo play presents a fascinating American character, "The Royal Historian of Oz!" Each program has time for questions and answers in character and fun audience participation.

The humorous programt is performed in period costumes with a trunk of props, authentic music and some multi-media visuals and images (depending on the venue). Baum travels with artifacts and book illustrations, auto-biographical photography, and famous color book covers of one of America’s great children writers! The program can be adapted to any performance space and adjusted to fit the presenter’s theme or program. "The Real Wizard of Oz" is both fun and funny, and will inspire audiences of all ages with its honest, genuine and heartfelt message.

Author and actor, R. F. "Raymond" Wohl has worked in professional theaters, schools and community groups in 15 states and taught the performing arts in Chicago schools for nearly 25 years. “The Real Wizard of Oz” is Mr. Wohl’s fourth solo theater creation. The program is ready for touring in 2019. It was developed at Chicago Dramatists Workshop, previewed at a Solo Festival in Chicago and presented at the 2018 OzCon International convention in California where the program was enthusiastically received, and Wohl was invited to return for OzCon in Southern California and the International Oz Festival in Lousiana in 2019..


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