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Getting Excited About Science

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996 S. Chippendale Bartlett, IL 60103
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Steve Belliveau
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Since 1994 with 300 shows per year make Getting Excited About Science the most popular science show in the Midwest. The programs get kids involved every step of the way with the experiments.

General shows (Sensational Science) feature liquid Nitrogen -320F, Human Gyroscope, Electric Generators, Electro Magnets, music, humor and audience participation Shows can be perfomed indoors or outside. The shows can be adapted for small rooms all the way up to the largest of stages.

Topic specfic shows and hands on workshops are available. More infomation about workshop is on Different shows can be found at

Getting Excited About Science has been recognized by WGN, Chicago Tribune and professional teaching orgizations as a leader in this field. We have worked with Museum of Science and Industry, Argonne National Labs and regional museums in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri. The shows have been on multiple tours peforming at libraries across the midwest.

Holiday and Science Fair months book fast.

Call 630-213-8000


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