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Military Heritage Displays

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10836 First St Mokena, IL 60448
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Military Heritage Displays, is a traveling museum Based out of the south suburbs of Chicago. We dedicate our time to remembering and telling the stories of those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. We do this through bringing the past to life right before your eyes, with our interactive Living History Traveling Museum. See the uniforms the gear, and the weapons, that were used by this countries greatest warriors to win the battles of the 20th Century! Military Heritage Displays does not make a profit off of displays, any proceeds or donations are for the purpose of fuel reimbursement preservation and acquisition of displays, and to eventually locate a permanent home for our displays.

What We Offer:
Military Heritage displays offers various uniforms, equipment, personal items etc from all of the US military's major involvements of the 20th century. Displays can include our entire collection or be curtailed to any one era, to include WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Our collection is an ever growing one and new impressions and individual items are added all the time. Currently in the works are a WW2 Willys jeep restoration, USMC impressions from ww1- Present, and US Army Air Force/ Air force impressions. We also have the ability to request additional support from others to add to displays that may specialize in certain areas and to expand what we may be able to offer.

Unfortunately it is hard for us to offer one flat rate. Our pricing is based on what is requested to be shown and the amount of help that would need to be employed to handle the display. An idea of pricing would be 300$ for one era and 1 to 2 exhibitors, 600$ would include WW1, WW2, and Vietnam, with 2-4 exhibitors and is generally our most popular display.

An in depth look into what can be shown, for more information and pictures check out our website, or our facebook page

-WW1 Infantryman/Officer
-90th Infantry Division 359th Infantry Regiment 1st Battalion Company B ( European Theater, Time Period D-Day- 1945)
-Radio Operator
-US Army Air Force ( 1941-1945)
-8th Army Air Force (European Theater 1942-1945)
- 2nd Armored Division Tanker (Mediterranean and European Theaters 1942-1945)
-Korea Infantryman
-9th Infantry Division 60th Infantry Regiment Rifleman (1966-1970)
-25th Infantry Division 27th Infantry Regiment (1966-1971
-US Navy Task force 116 "Brown Water Navy"
-US Army Helicopter Pilot (1966-1972)
-Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada 1983)
-Operations Just Cause (Panama 1989)
-Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (Iraq 1990-19991)
-Operation Gothic Serpent (Somalia 1993)


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