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Mister Kipley Puppets & Magic

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545 Woodlawn Ave Glencoe, IL 60022
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Mister Kipley Magic & Puppet shows combine live music, interactive puppetry, and amazing magic into exciting programs ideal for family audiences. From hilarious fairy tales to seasonal and holiday shows, Mister Kipley combines the thrill of family theater with magic and puppetry that will engage and entertain a wide range of ages.

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Featured Family Shows:
Fairy Tale Forest
Super Snowy Puppet Show
Signs of Spring Puppet Show
Trick or Treat Family Halloween Show
Super Hero Magic Show

New for 2020 - TALES FROM BEYOND Teen/YA program. “Tales From Beyond” weaves history and mystery into a spine-tingling program that appeals to the elusive teen/YA library audience. Those who participate will hear stories of unsolved mysteries, purported hauntings, and historic tragedies. They will try their hand at mindreading, view and handle odd artifacts such as a voodoo doll, antique photos, and a ghostly pocket watch. They just might feel chilling goose bumps while hearing the stories of America’s first serial killer, the tragedy of the Titanic, ancient voodoo secrets, and more!

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Silvia K.

Mr. Kipley truly knows the preschool/family audience. He is very engaging and understands the importance of pacing, variety, music and participation. His shows are very entertaining and professional. A pleasure to work with.'s picture
Ginny S.

Mr. Kipley performed his Fairy Tale Forest show for GPLD this summer(2017) and entertained a family/all-ages audience of 153. His original story featured recognizable characters from a variety of fairy tales and was sprinkled with age-appropriate humor and creativity. The magic tricks and audience participation throughout the puppet show kept everyone engaged, and there were multiple opportunities for kids to volunteer and assist. He worked really well with the kids and his ability to improvise was impressive!'s picture
Sarah P.

I hired Mr. Kipley for an interactive magic-filled puppet show, Fairy Tale Forests, for our young patrons in Lake Zurich. He was incredibly easy to work with and the show was absolutely outstanding!! He came totally prepared, brought everything he needed for the show and was very easy to work with. Children were totally mesmerized by the show and there was no moment of boredom the entire show. Mr. Kipley has an excellent sense of humor and you can tell that even the adults in the audience were truly enjoying themselves as the room filled with laughter. I caught myself giggling quite a few times, especially when the curtain kept closing in on the puppet and the puppet was getting very frustrated. The children were laughing hysterically too! He also had a lot of audience participation too, which the children really enjoyed, and he even had a few small magic tricks seamlessly weaved into the show. Dozens of patrons stopped to tell me how much they loved the show on their way out too and I would honestly say it's one of the best library programs we've had in a long time. I would love to hire him again for another show in the future and I definitely recommend him for any library, preschool, or elementary school performance.