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Crosstown Exotics: Traveling Reptile and Bug Show

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Mokena , IL 60448
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Colin Langenderfer

Crosstown Exotics is a reptile and bug show that travels throughout Chicagoland providing hands-on education entertainment. Our lineup of prehistoric creatures consists of a mixture of reptiles, amphibians, and bugs. From African giant bullfrogs and hissing cockroaches to a 16ft Burmese python and giant tortoises. Everyone gets to interact with the animals for an experience unlike anything you'd receive at your local zoo. We take pride in providing memorable encounters with our extensive collection of cold blooded ambassadors.

Our mission is to promote conservation through presentation. We believe in "hands-on so the species lives on". If someone can interact with an animal, they're more likely to want to save it. Our presentations are very interactive and we cater the group of animals to the specific age rage of our audiences to create an effective and impactful educational experience.

Our Services:

Reptile Shows

Reptile Shows Our shows 10-12 of our scaly ambassadors for a 60-75 minute presentation. Audiences will touch and interact with various reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians such as:
5ft Black Throat Monitor
80lb Sulcata Tortoise
20lb Alligator Dnapping Turtle
5 ft Green Iguana
15ft Burmese Python
Diamondback Terrapin
Argentine Black and White Tegus
Blue Tongue Skink
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
Giant Millipedes
8ft Green Anaconda
Hairy Tarantulas
Frilled Dragon

Bug Shows
Crosstown Exotics newly designed Bug show dives into the creepy crawly world of insects and arachnids. Audiences will learn about our crew of multi-legged friends and why they are important to the world we live in. Our bug shows will give audiences an up-close opportunity to get to encounter some of the planets largest and strangest bugs.

The Crawly Crew:
• Asian Forest Scorpion
• Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
• Giant Centipede
• Tailless Whip Scorpion
• Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula
• Asian Mantis
• Vinegaroon
• Giant Millipedes
• Assassin Bugs
• Rose Haired Tarantula

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