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Handwriting Analysis with Chris McBrien

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Lisle, IL 60532
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What does your handwriting say about you? About others you know or meet? Finally, a handwriting program that is not only accurate, but is fun and educational!

Chris McBrien has been studying handwriting analysis since the age of 10 when his grandmother introduced him to it through her own vast skills. His fascination with Sherlock Holmes and mysteries made him passionate about learning as much as he could from her to acquire this rare skill. After studying with her for over 12 years during his upbringing and into college, he took a course that offered additional skills in college. Now, using both approaches, Chris' handwriting analysis eerily accurate, always respectful and amazingly entertaining!

During his presentation Chris shares some of the amazing history behind this accredited Social Science. No "hocus pocus", Handwriting Analysis has an ancient past that started out with the best intentions and has been used by such notables and Queen Elizabeth I, Ronald Reagan and many, many more!

Chris never goes "too deep" with your patrons, but "just enough" to really amaze them with his ability to look at their handwriting and see personality traits, habits and propensities. And while that should be amazing enough, he even takes great care in showing your patrons how he arrived at his conclusions and by doing this instructs them on a basic level how they can try this amazing skill out themselves!

This program can be used for Teen or Adult Programming, or even a combination of the two! Chris' other job includes comedy, and while he will never make fun of a patron, he will make them laugh! He's charming, witty and knowledgeable and can keep your patrons entranced for an hour or two...or even more with this fascinating topic! He has hundreds of these programs under his belt, and has many local references from other libraries for you to contact to find out for yourself why this program is a library favorite!

Chris offers amazing local rates! His mother worked at a library for many years, and he grew up understanding the "budget issue" so many libraries face. For that reason, while his program pricing is very reasonable, you'll find out that he's worth much more than he charges, and will make you very proud to have hosted his program. Not to mention making your patrons happy!

Because of his other library and school offerings, call early to book. His schedule is online on his "Schedule/Contact" page and additional details on the "Library Programs" page on his website. A Chicagoland Teen and Adult Programming favorite!


"We've had Chris twice and he's always a crowd pleaser and generates a huge draw to our library!"
Blue Island Public Library, Blue Island, IL

"Amazingly accurate and entertaining! Everyone loved your program! We'll have you back!"
Clinton Township Public Library, Waterman, IL

"We really enjoyed your program and will have to have you back!"
Hinckley Public Library, Hinckley, IL

"It was uncanny how perceptive he was with just one written phrase! All who attended went away VERY satisfied! Chris is very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of his performance!"
Geneseo Public Library, Geneseo, IL

"Great program! Our patrons gave us great feedback! Very accurate and entertaining!"
Flossmoor Public Library, Flossmoor, IL

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Evelyn L.

This program was amazing. Chris started out explaining his background and family history including how he first became interested in handwriting analysis and how he trained. He then had everyone come up to the front of the room one by one and write, "I love you," on the board. Chris gave a surprisingly detailed personality analysis. Teens and adults alike were floored by his descriptions.'s picture
Christina S.

This was an amazing program! Chris McBrien astounded our patrons with his accuracy and knowledge while being so entertaining. Upon leaving, many people stopped to tell me how much they enjoyed this program!