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A Mr. Pickles Show!

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, WI 53186
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Michael Drake
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Mr. Pickles presents the Island Kids Show, Bang To The Thang, Live the Roaming Reader all based around his two volumes of poems stories which accompany tons of original interactive kid's music! Raise your hand if you had a birthday last year! Here is the Hungry Tummies Musical
Welcome To My Island, Hot Diggity Dog Ziggity, Fun Man Song,
Little People Waltz, My Friends Are Good For Me,
I Think I'd Like To Bee a Bee, Dancing With Mr. Brussel Sprout,
The Blue Swing, Mootsy The Rootsy, I'm A Dreamer, I'm A Rag Doll,
To Bee Or Not To Bee, The Garden Hose, GazoogaDrake,
Live Performance at Harvest Fair - Hungry Tummies Medley -
Harvest Stew, Hungry Tummies, Abracadabra


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