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Pocket Circus

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A new Circus Style duo from Argentina, that is Fantastic Fun and Exciting for all ages and every type of event.
Planet Circus our circus show, is full of energy with a blend of humor, magic, acrobatics, juggling and musical performances. Bring circus excitement and lots of audience participation to your next special occasion.
And…..if you want just Magic, Mr Firu,our professional magician, will delight you with a great show specially tailored for each kind of event.Christmas & Halloween magic shows available.
Our shows can be bilingual, English and Spanish.
Circus Show (two performers on stage): $500
Solo Magic Show: from $350

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Demitra B.

While the audience seemed to be entertained, we did receive a complaint that Mr. Firu was a little too touchy with the kids that were called up as volunteers (ex pretending to climb on top of a child's shoulders by hooking his leg over him, forcefully manipulating a child to bow). Staff observation also agreed with that. It was clearly meant to make the audience laugh, but it was just a little uncomfortable. Because of this, we will not be hiring him again.