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Jerry Jacoby: Kid Motivator

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10834 Adams Road Clarklake, MI 49234
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Michaella Jacoby
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Jerry Jacoby: Kid Motivator's original stories affirm families-using laughs, music & life stories to help kids choose the path of integrity. His show is high energy and the audience is on his team from the start. Tons of humor, lots of volunteers from the audience and even a guest appearance from Elmer the Chicken (puppet) all make Jerry Jacoby's programs exciting for the whole family. Also offering REAL CHARACTER IS NO ACCIDENT! for K-6th & families/ FREE TO BE GOOD for K-6th & families/ MIDDLE SCHOOL: THE BEST TEN YEARS OF MY LIFE for 5th-8th graders/ HOT DOGS ON A NERVOUS STOMACH for 5th-8th graders. Over 6000 performances over the past 29 years as an encourager of families and children. Provides everything including sound system & promotional materials. Price is all inclusive-no added fees at all!

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Sarah H.

Jerry has it all! He is an amazingly talented musician who can sing, play guitar, and play bass, but more than that, he's just a really fun and great guy. Jerry is able to delight audiences of all ages, from the youngest children to grandparents and beyond. Jerry first came to our library as part of his wonderful Duelin' Basses show, which is jam-packed with everything from the classics to jazz and blues. Attendance was phenomenal, and our patrons are clamoring for his return. You definitely don't want to miss this guy!'s picture
Jane S.

Jerry Jacoby engages his audience of all ages with positive energy, music, laughter and basic, comfortable fun! Recreation-room-family-room-sit-by-the-fireside-fun. Our children never wish to miss any of his shows. Through humor and music, Jerry teaches his audiences the fundamentals of integrity, honesty, and how to treat others as we should treat ourselves. Skills our current worldly environment tends to forget. Humor and music continue to be the best methods to teach the building blocks of character and Jerry achieves this goal is each program he presents. Run, don't walk to one of his shows. You and your family will never regret it!'s picture
Carol M.

Jerry is an immensely talented man whose energy, wit, and musical ability, along with his charming personality, make him most entertaining and inspirational. I've watched him interact with children, including my grandchildren, and he has a real knack for engaging them and forming a personal relationship. His wife is also musically talented and often performs with him. I can heartily recommend them both as being both enjoyable and thought-provoking. Kids love Jerry and I personally also enjoy listening to his CDs, even though they're meant for kids.