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The Wizard's Apprentice

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P.O. Box 957 Westmont, IL 60559
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Tim Balster
(630) 258-8442
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Looking for a unique way to get kids excited about reading? Look no further! This show is both a play and a magic show, with an emphasis on reading. During the show young Harriet Peabody, learns much more than feats of magic and wizardry. As she is guided by Willard The Wizard of Wisdom, she discovers that the greatest secret to magic and life, is developing good reading skills. Aided by the Dewey Decimal System, a magical talking bookmark and a bit of historical knowledge, Harriet triumphs over the naughty wizard Lotar. Astounding feats of magic such as the broomstick suspension enthrall and excite all ages in the colorful fast paced whirlwind of wizardry! In addition to all the magic and fun, the show offers numerous curriculum enhancement opportunities for educators to connect with, including : Library skills, history and communication. A study guide is also available to enhance the theatrical experience. If there are any Harry Potter fans at your library, they will LOVE this production!


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