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Bubble Wonders: Entertain, Educate, Inspire & Empower!

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644 W. South St. Woodstock, IL 60098
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785-iBUBBLE 428-2253
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Author, Speaker, International Bubble Artist Geoff Akins uses ordinary bubbles, award-winning music, and heartfelt stories to inspire others to follow their dreams!

His library shows are such a hit the bosses caught wind and hired Geoff to deliver the Keynote at the 2015 Library Director's Retreat! Schools love his powerful messages so much that after his assemblies the Principals hire him to share his powerful message at their Education Conferences!


Director, Rivki Karp summed it up thusly, "In a world of empty entertainment, your show was a welcome change. Your performance had such depth and meaning..." This is echoed by a parent blogger who remarked, "I was expecting a campy kids show, but what really materialized was a beautiful surprise. Bubble Master Geoff was humble, creative, great with bubbles, and very inspiring." --Brad Creighton, The Beauty Project

The core message of Bubble Wonders is "Anything is Possible!" Kids and Adults alike love the show. Geoff recently received the prestigious Jason Kotecki's Adultitis Fighter of the Month Award: "Geoff is as close as you'll ever get to a real-life Willy Wonka. He has a kind heart and an old soul. We have seem him make magic with bubbles, and his artistry leaves children awestruck and turns adults into children."

Does your school need a presenter who can hold the attention of all grade levels AND the teachers? Look no further! "It's rare to find a speaker who can educate, entertain and inspire students and staff at the same time!" Principal, Ross Vittore

Middle School or High School? No worries. Geoff tailors his message to each specific audience. Reporter, Irv Leavitt of The Northbrook Star noted, "At the age when they can be most jaded, these students were, amazingly, glued to the edge of their bleacher seats!"

Geoff has performed in ten different countries for over a million people! And while his message garners praise from corporate clients Harley Davidson, Toyota, Macy's, Whole Food, and Google, it's the presenting he does for schools and libraries that mean the most to him.

Geoff has performed in ten different countries for over a million people! His corporate clients include Harley Davidson, Toyota, Macy's, Whole Food, and Google!

He co-authored the best-seller, Wake Up! Live the Life You Love and is also featured in GPS For Success and most recently in the bubble book/kit, The Art and Science of Bubbles.

Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on distance and number of shows, etc. Please contact Geoff directly for more info on the best fee possible.

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Marissa E.

We love Bubble Wonders! Geoff performed his bubble show dressed as King Neptune at our Fairy Tale Ball a few years ago. He was a major crowd pleaser, with patrons raving over his magical performance. His inspiring spin on the show is really special. I highly recommend him!'s picture
Allison B.

Geoffrey Akins has presented multiple performances of "The Bubble Wonders Show" at our Central Library and branches.

The show is imaginative, impressive, and captivating. I consistently receive compliments from adults and children. The audience's enjoyment is evidenced by spirited laughter, attentive listening, and excitement about the subject.

The presentation features impressive bubble demonstrations infused with a positive message. Audience participation and relevancy for children and adults contribute to the overall worth of the program. The show is particularly appropriate for libraries as Geoffrey encourages children to pursue their dreams and interests through library books.

I also appreciate Geoffrey’s efficiency and professionalism. The scheduling process went smoothly, and he was prompt. He visits with attendees after shows and answers questions politely and kindly.

I highly recommend "The Bubble Wonders Show" as a quality program to host at your facility.